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【EMP12】We passed! Our yearly external audit


This is the CSR leader.

It has been quite a hot summer, hasn’t it?!

Newport is certified ISO 14001.*1

Every year around this time, an external audit*1 is conducted.

And we passed it again this year!

This year's external audit was the first face-to-face audit since Covid-19.

The audit included a tour of the company and a question-and-answer session for each business unit.

In this year's external audit…

■Evaluation points■

(1) Received an award of excellence at last year's Shibuya Sustainable Award!

(2) All employees are working on the environmental management system!

■ Future issues to be addressed ■

Ensure that all employees understand the four system conditions*2 of the Natural Steps described in the Environmental Policy.

➡Deepen all employees’ understanding, including new staff who entered Newport this year.

To achieve this, we plan to hold study sessions.

Newport is one of the few companies where all employees have been involved in environmental activities since its establishment.

We will continue to strive to be a company where all employees are active and have a positive impact on the environment.

We've got an interview from the previous year's audit leader, so be sure to check it out!

*1 For details of ISO14001 and external audit

The external audit is to confirm, through a third-party organization (external auditor), "whether environmental activities in accordance with the requirements of ISO14001 are correctly understood and operated at Newport.

The external auditor will ask questions to the employees about the environmental activities.

*2 The four system conditions of the Natural Steps


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