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Be a Sustainable Organization

With People
For People

Experts who sell more than products

Determining needs and creating demand

Promoting brands in action


Newport’s strengths were built over 30 years of providing sales and marketing solutions for our clients. When we first began, our job was not only to ensure our partners’ products and services had access to Japan, but that their sales proposition, story, and values were also delivered with competence and clarity.

These fundamentals remain unchanged.

Access to customers in Japan means more than promoting, selling, and distributing on your behalf.

Newport's mission is to be a sustainable organization. This means not just meeting the needs of the world today, but also to ensure the needs of the future.

We have learned a great deal over the past 30 years of meeting the needs of our customers. With this knowledge, we are committed to professionally delivering new brands and marketing services to Japan and achieving sales goals.


As Your Japan Business Partner,
We Utilize the Most Appropriate Sales Channels for Your Needs:

Using an omni-channel and multi-pronged approach,
both online and off, we generate results.
Business all the time, every day, all across the country.

Pop-up Stores


Online Shopping

In adapting and developing products and services

for the Japanese market, we examine:

Legalities and compliance with local business practices

Product features

Customer service


Positioning and customer value-propositions

What does it mean to be sustainable?

Persistently strive for
social equity

Provide people what they need to enjoy full, healthy lives

Maintain consistent profitability

Newport strives for win-win relationships with our clients, vendors & customers

Make a positive impact on the environment 

Everybody has a responsibility to improve the environment



To Newport, opportunity means entering sustainable, fair, win-win relationships with our stakeholders.


From customers to staff to future generations, Newport is committed to providing opportunity at every level of our business. 

The Newport Way

Accountability, action and an unwavering commitment to customers and clients alike form the basis of what we do.

We assume ownership of the products we represent and partner with our clients every step of the way.

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Are you curious about whether the Japanese market is right for you?
Do you have a Japan-ready product to sell and distribute nationwide?
Do you want to partner with a team that shares similar values?

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