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Kevin's Voice - Making Tomorrow Better - Message from the CEO

In 2020, we had a slogan in Newport: “Making Today Better.” (“今日”を 1 番良い日にする。) Today, I would like to consider a slight variation called: (“Making tomorrow better.” 明日を一番良い日にする。)

In order for Newport to grow, we need to develop new businesses and do a better job of improving our existing programs. This involves making plans, and then implementing those plans. However, what often happens with large projects or major improvements is that they get delayed. The reasons vary, but we often have difficulty in completing our projects on-schedule. Fortunately, this can be corrected if we change our approach when starting something new.

I think all of us have faced a project that seemed too big, and we didn’t know where to start. In those cases, many of us tend to procrastinate. We put things off because it just seems too difficult, and we don’t know where to start. However, that is when we need to change our perspectives. We need to move focus from the magnitude of what we want to do to what can be done tomorrow.

For example, if we want to build a wall around our house, the entire project can seem almost impossible to begin. But, if we focus on laying the first brick, we could start tomorrow.

If we want to write a book, we will likely never get started if we focus on the entire book. But, if we concentrate on just writing the first paragraph, we can start tomorrow.

Those of us who play sports know that we perform our best when we focus on the next pitch or the next play, rather than focusing on winning the game. Doing one thing well and repeating it is the secret to accomplishing great things.

Therefore, let’s all make tomorrow better by focusing on a small, but crucial part of a project that we can do tomorrow. If we execute one of these each day, and then repeat it the next day, we will soon find that the project or innovation is proceeding according to schedule. Please think about it and let me know your ideas on how to make tomorrow better for you, your team and Newport.


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