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[EMP8] Winning the Excellence Award at the “Shibuya Sustainable Award 2021!”

Hello! Did you listen to the radio broadcast that we announced in our last blog?

In this article, we would like to tell you about the Shibuya Sustainable Award 2021"*1, why we applied and why we won it!

It has been three years since Shibuya City started this award, and this is the first time that a company in Shibuya won this award.

・From left to right: EMR Ms. Hara, Mr. Hasebe, the mayor of Shibuya Ward, and EMR Mr. Matamori.

★Why we applied?

Mr. Matamori, a member of Newport's EMR, said, "I'm interested in what other companies are doing in their environmental activities. When I looked at the website of Shibuya City, I found the words “Shibuya Sustainable Award 2021” and thought, “This is it!”

Until now, there have had limited opportunities to have Newport's environmental activities evaluated, so this contest was a great opportunity for us. That's why I decided to apply."

★Reasons winning for the award

We were highly evaluated for establishing and running our EMS (Environmental Management System) and developing an EMP (Environmental Management Program) in the company"*2. We were also highly evaluated for our proactive promotion of the program with an eye on targets and plans.

Thus, Newport's environmental activities have been recognized by Shibuya City!

There was one Grand Prize winner and two Excellence Award winners, so we're aiming for the Grand Prize next year!

Stay tuned for future activities! We'll be back in the next issue.

If you haven’t read this article by Shibuya Radio yet, please click the link to check it out! ➡Shibuya Radio archive(#242).

*1 Shibuya Sustainable Award 2021: At home, in the community, at school and at work. Through the solicitation and presentation of awards for sustainable lifestyles, more environmentally friendly initiatives can be implemented. The purpose of this project is to widely publicize the initiatives and raise awareness.

*2 EMS and EMP are described in detail in the past blogs【EMP1】and 【EMP2】.


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