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【EMP 10】 5 !3 ! 0 !


Do you know what this is?

It is "Go (5) Mi (3) Zero (0) Day".(=zero waste day), which is May 30th.

This is a day to reduce garbage and promote recycling!

Is there anything you are trying to do to reduce waste? For example, switching from plastic bags purchased at stores to using my own bags. If there is a product that can reduce waste, we believe many will use it.

So, let’s introduce you to the INCOCO Remover(*1)!

This remover has a built-in sponge that removes Incoco manicure simply by placing your finger inside the bottle. This reduces the need for cotton waste.

In addition, it not only makes it easy to remove the manicure but it takes less time than using cotton. Our experience is that it can remove manicure from both hands in just 3-5 minutes.

Nail polish remover is necessary to remove nail polish. Usually, one cotton ball is not enough to remove all of the nail polish from both hands. Sometimes, if you have carefully put a base coat and even a top coat on, you can only remove polish from two fingers with one cotton ball. That means up to 10 cotton balls may be needed.

So, why not use INCOCO's remover to reduce the amount of waste?

Our environmental policy (*2) states that “we will provide environmentally friendly products and services.”

This product is the very embodiment of that policy.

It is not only saves resources, but also helps people save time.

Why not give it a try?


INCOCO has settled on SDGs #12 "Responsible Production and Consumption" and #14 "Life Below Water" as its Sustainable Development Goals.

12. Responsible Production and Consumption

INCOCO is committed to promoting the recycling of packaging and reducing environmentally harmful packaging and materials.

INCOCO reduces cotton waste through the sale of the INCOCO Remover.

One jar of INCOCO Remover can reduce the use of approximately 120 cotton balls.

The sale of INCOCO Remover saves approximately 2.48 million sheets or 496 kilograms of cotton per-year (September 2020 - August 2021).

14. Life Below Water

INCOCO seeks to protect the ocean's richness by promoting awareness of proper disposal methods among our customers. INCOCO will inform customers on how to dispose of used INCOCO Remover and spread the word.

*1. Learn more about the INCOCO Remover on the INCOCO WEB site.

*2. Our environmental policy can be found here.


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