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【EMP9】Let's do "COOL CHOICE" together!

What is "COOL CHOICE"?

“COOL CHOICE” is an initiative created and promoted by the Japanese government to encourage people to make "smart choices" that contribute to the creation of a decarbonized society. This includes actions such as replacing products, using services and making personal changes that help to combat global warming and while still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.

Newport supports ‟COOL CHOICE”.

Specific Newport COOL CHOICE initiatives include:

  • Cool Biz in summer and Warm Biz in winter

  • Reducing paper consumption

  • Reducing the environmental impact of our products

  • Purchasing Biomass Power

  • Purchasing “more trees” carbon credits

  • Reducing resource consumption and waste generation through reuse and recycle

  • Offsetting CO2 emissions from our office, warehouses and transportation (including imports and commuting/business travel)

  • Encouraging remote work

  • Avoiding car use by travelling on public transportation

We are committed to COOL CHOICE for a sustainable society.

‟COOL CHOICE” is about considering the environmental aspects of our decisions when we make lifestyle choices. Anyone can start now; not only businesses but individuals as well!

We can help to prevent global warming by making “cool choices” in the familiar and simple things we do each day.

Let’s make earth-friendly choices for the future.

We encourage you to also endorse the "COOL CHOICE" initiative. Click below to learn more.

(Ministry of the Environment of Japan) 【external website】


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