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Our Care

Our Commitment to a Better Society

「私たちがいかに会社を、 クライアントを、 そして世界をより良い方向へ 変えていけるのか、 もっと皆さんと一緒に 考えていきたいのです」.png






Abide by environmental
laws and regulations

Take precautionary measures
against environmental risks

Promote environment
conserving practices


Employees & HR:

  • Value and respect for individuals

  • Base rewards on performance, creativity, contribution

  • Encourage real work/life balances that reflect current societal changes

  • Create and celebrate a diverse and inclusive work environment

Client & Customer Care:

  • Meet and surpass client expectation

  • Provide best value in our product and service offerings ensuring quality and standards are met

Ethics & Compliance:

  • Maintain the highest standards of conduct and execute sound business practices

  • Uphold strict rules of ethical behavior

  • Management lead by example

  • Employees take ownership and responsibility for their actions

Community Engagement:

  • Actively support our local community

  • Be good corporate citizens

  • Assist worthwhile organizations and causes


  • Reflect in our business activities the need to reduce and eliminate all adverse environmental impacts

  • Partner with our customers, suppliers, and stakeholders to create a more sustainable world


Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.

We’re proud to have maintained our ISO 14001 environmental certification since 2003.

Our certification is reflected in our environmentally-friendly activities throughout Newport.

In 2023, Newport applied for "Forests x Decarbonization Challenge 2023" J-Credit, organized by Japan's Forestry Agency. As a company contributing to decarbonization through the purchase of forest-derived J-Credits via the more trees organization, obtained the "Green Partner 2023 Mark" in recognition of our efforts.


As subscribers to the “Green Power Certification System,” our entire office electricity consumption has come from a biomass natural energy source since 2004.



We offset C02 emissions generated by our warehouses’ electricity consumption, product shipping and Newport staff commutes & business travel through Japanese forest conservation organization More Trees, led by musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto.

We also:

  • Purchase “green"

  • Reduce paper consumption

  • Implement Japan’s COOL BIZ and WARM BIZ governmental policies

  • Reduce the environmental impact of Newport products

  • Promote eco-consciousness within our sales and promotion networks

  • Educate our staff about the environment via eco-tours and field trips

  • Donate used stamps to NPOs

  • Display recycle marks on all applicable packaging

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