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【EMP13】 Be a Sustainable Organization

Newport chose “Be a Sustainable Organization” as our mission statement in 2014 with the understanding that becoming sustainable was a process rather than a goal. Our company received ISO14001 certification 20 years ago and has made regular environmental impact reductions in the interim. Several years ago when the ISO14001 standard was revised to include social and economic factors, we widened our scope to encompass the sustainability of our entire business.

That said, as a sales and marketing company, we are just one part of a value chain that involves raw material producers, manufacturers, transporters, retailers, consumers and end-of-product-life processes. In order to truly be a sustainable organization we need everyone in the value chain to contribute in making the entire chain as sustainable as possible.

As we begin our 30th business year we remain committed to continuous improvement on the environmental areas under our control. We purchase the electricity we consume at our office from Japan Green Energy and buy CO2 offsets from the More Trees organization to cover the CO2 generated in the shipping and storage of our products along with staff travel and commutation. Though we purchase CO2 offsets, we continue to focus on reducing CO2 as well. Lastly, we collaborate with our suppliers on making their products and packaging more sustainable and endeavor to make the product life cycle more circular.

In spite of the progress we have made over the past 20 years we know it is just the beginning. Our goal is to be a leader not only in our part in the value chain, but also to inspire and partner with others on making our business more sustainable.

CEO Kevin McAuliffe


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